James Cobb

I'm five.
I'm the son of Dom and Mal Cobb. I have a sister named Phillipa. I have a cat named Neutron and Gamma. I'm smart.
I like bombs.

That woman irks me.






That’s my fake mother you are talking about.

Well, your fake mother is not nice to me!

She’s not nice to you? To you personally? What has she done?

*kneels down* This will seem complicated, Jamesy. But i have a gut feelin that she wants to hurt my friends. And i can’t allow that.

*Pets Neutron* So she wasn’t actually mean to you. And therefore has been nothing but kind to you? I feel lied to.

I’m bored.

Daddy is a sleep. He thinks I’m asleep.

Uncle Tony is busy….

The lab is probably empty….